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Chad Lucas

When you set your sights on interior design you have the opportunity to create something truly meaningful.  We all have many things we wish to carry into our lives--in our homes they are the objects that recall our family history, the possessions we have chosen to comfort and define us.  Your home tells your story.

Hiring a designer to assist you should not be the purchase of a previously defined interior, but rather an exchange of creativity that develops into the individual look that is, well, "you".  Designing an interior can be compared in simplicity to dressing yourself--you have a style.  A home should have a style that is about the people and the family that create it..that live it.

The difference you stand to gain in working with a good designer is to take your style and have it transform into a detailed and complete vision you can experience every day.  Good design can reinvent the existing and create new.  It generates the translation of your likes and ideas into a mindful and well advised reality.

Quality is a status that cannot be disguised. Quality is not just seen; it is felt.

Like quality, "service" is real...not implied.  Increasingly, it is service that is diluted and dissolved in our everyday lives.  We now remark when we actually receive great service.  Interior design requires excellent service.  Any concept created or idea proposed is destined for failure (or worse, mediocrity) without detailed and exacting professional service. Creating a piece of furniture requires comfort, construction, scale and appearance considerations.  Further, there is a math of yardages and pattern layout and the details of shape, finish and trim. Creating a room must translate architecture, owner, function and style into a space that is true to it's purpose, loyal to it's frame and pleasing to the eye.

Creating a wonderful home--it is an exact, detailed service from door knobs to dimmers...